General Overview

There are 58 undergraduate courses (42 elective and 16 required ) in the programme. In addition to these, students have to take AİT (Atatürk's Principles and History of Revolutions), TKD (Turkish Language) and ING (Basic English) courses. Students can take elective courses from the departments of Sociology and Psychology if they want. Besides, they can add courses with “SEÇ” code, which are elective courses offered for all departments.

Our department offers elective courses for other departments including “Introduction to Philosophy” which is open to all departments in the university.

Required courses of the department are courses on history and on traditional core areas of philosophy. In its third and fourth years the programme contains less required courses and more elective courses in order to offer a chance for students to specialize. When the total credit of programme is taken into account, students have to take at least %40 of the elective courses from their own department. This amounts to 30 national and approximately 50 ECTS credits. Students have opportunity to write a bachelor's thesis.

Hacettepe Üniversitesi Faculty of Letters
Department of Philosophy Beytepe - ANKARA 
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